Adults with at least basic numeracy skills can expect to earn a quarter more than those who lack the necessary skills to solve basic mathematical problems. Furthermore they are less likely to be able to find or negotiate the best deals on financial products and therefore more likely to pay higher levels of interest on higher levels of debt. It is well documented that debt problems can lead to stress and/or depression.

One of the shortcomings of traditional math instruction is that as students we learnt enough to pass a test but then as we grow into adulthood we cannot remember how to do the math when as parents we need it to help our children. When young learners are able to grasp the fundamentals they are on their way to being numerate.

At Pocket Learner we believe that it is essential that children from the very basic level develop an understanding of the math processes that will enable them to figure out what they do not know. We have therefore incorporated a simple but clear system for the child to understand the basic foundation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.